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Ask for budget without commitment.
Information to bearing in mind:
  • Quantity of units (copies, 1, 30, 500, 10.000 ...)
  • Size of the original one (centimeters or millimeters)
  • You Dye (1 ink, 4 inks, Pantone)
  • Type of support of impression (paper, cardboard, creative ...)
  • Faces of impression (in case it is a flyer, cards ...)​
  • ​Pages of the original one (in case it is a book, a magazine, a catalogue)
  • Type of binding (bound with spiral, stuck ...)
  • Since there will be sent the original one (in what format or if the original one we will make it we)

Budgets to:

Remembers to add his mail or telephone to put in touch with you.

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